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Privacy Policy

We are in the business of renting quality properties to students.

We are not in the business of selling e-mail or private information about our tenants. All information supplied to us is for the exclusive use of Pads for Grads. We do not, and will not, sell your information to anyone else.


Boone Zoning Restrictions: Some areas of Boone are restricted by the town’s zoning ordinances as to the number of “related” occupants that may reside in a dwelling. Zoning restricts residences in R-1 areas to no more than two “unrelated” occupants. Contact us for clarification of these ordinances and the apartments which apply.

Up-to-Date Pictures: The pictures displayed on this web site are not necessarily the exact current depictions of the particular apartment. Colors of floor coverings and wall coverings may change over time. The floor plans and general structure of the apartments typically stay the same.

Availability: The ability to view various apartments on this web site does not mean that the unit is vacant or available in the future. The vacancy status of an apartment changes frequently. This website may or may not reflect accurate vacancy information. Please contact us for up to date apartment availability.

Pricing: Monthly rental rates on our apartments vary depending on the number of people, size of unit, what utilities are included, etc. The prices listed on this web site are fairly accurate but may vary accordingly or change without prior notice. Contact us to confirm monthly rental rates.

Equal Housing Opportunity: We do not discriminate.