Basic Rental Requirements


Most of our properties require a one year lease and a credit application.

Minimum Age

You must be at least 18 years old to sign a lease.

Security Deposit

You will be expected to pay a security deposit and a small application fee when you sign your lease. Most deposits are in the amount of one month’s rent.


You must show a valid driver’s license or photo ID.


You must have had two years of full-time employment, two years rental reference and a credit history of at least three years. If not, a cosigner form will be necessary.


A few of our units allow pets. A pet permit and a non-refundable pet fee of $300 are required. Please contact us to find out which units apply. You can download a printable pdf copy of the Pet Permit.

Parking Stickers

Renting from Pads for Grads requires a one time purchase of a $30 parking sticker. This helps to ensure that your parking space will be protected from the rampant abuse of parking privileges in our small university town.


After signing your lease it is your responsibility to turn on utilities in your name. See the area resources page for the numbers of the area utility companies to contact for your particular unit.